About Democratically Funded Media

This web site is for sharing research into the connection between the funding model and the quality of service in the mass media. Here you will find both negative criticism of the traditional Advertising Funded Media, and praise for an alternate funding model called Democratically Funded Media.

Brief Explanation of Democratically Funded Media:

Democratically Funded Media means that media content citizens choose to consume is the media that will be funded.

Right now people think about two kinds of mass media: commercial media and public media. This is something different. Democratically Funded Media combines the good parts of both.

Picture the whole conglomeration that is our media: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet, tiny local papers and huge television networks plus every size of media business in between.

Now imagine that all these businesses make all their content available free of charge to anyone who requests the content.

Now picture also an independent from the government, arm’s length rating system that estimates and, where it can, measures how many people consume the content each media business provides.

Finally, imagine that government has passed a law abolishing advertising in the media and establishing a government department that pays all the media businesses according to the independent ratings.

And what would we get from this? The power of private businesses competing to bring us quality plus the higher quality that public media brings us as studies show. http://www.freepress.net

Democratically Funded Media:

Ban advertising in the media and replace this source of funding with government funding based on arm’s length independent ratings.

info@socializedmedia.netSOCIALIZED MEDIA: Abolish advertising in the media and replace this source of funding with government funding based on arms length independent ratings.