Big Rip Off

Some people claim they are not affected by advertising and perhaps this is true regarding what they purchase, however we are all affected because the price of things we do buy includes advertising costs.

This is how the rip off works. We are led to believe that we get “free” media because advertisers pay for the production of the media content but the consumer pays for advertising when they make a purchase. The advertising cost is built into the price. Not only does the consumer pay for the advertising that goes to pay for their media content but they pay again when their time is wasted by being interrupted or distracted with ads.

2% of the GNP is spent on advertising in the media. That is what it costs to sustain the whole system as it is. That is all of it; print, broadcast radio and television and internet.

So really what is the advantage of continuing to accept and put up with this rip off?

With Democratically Funded media the price of everything should be able to be lowered by 2% because with a ban on advertising in the media the opportunity for producers and distributors to spend that 2% would be gone.

That combined with adding a 2% tax to the price of things to generate the revenue for sustaining the media, would result in a difference of zero in prices for consumers. That is all equal. The bonus is our time will not be wasted by advertisements.

With advertising funded media we pay a 2% hidden cost and with a Democratically Funded media, we pay a visible 2% tax and we get some very big pluses; no ads and no self censorship as described in the section: Stealth Gag Order.

Democratically Funded Media: Abolish advertising in the media and replace this source of funding with government funding based on arm’s length independent ratings.

info@socializedmedia.netSOCIALIZED MEDIA: Abolish advertising in the media and replace this source of funding with government funding based on arms length independent ratings.

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  1. baidu censor says:

    Other countries censor content and not just rogue regimes such as the Iranian mullocracy. Poor people!